Young Explorers

Calling all future explorers!

Or those simply curious about what goes on in the mind of a polar adventurer.

Henry is very keen to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’re desperate to know about Antarctica, the South Pole, Shackleton and the Heroic Age, or why the ice is blue, please send your question using the comment box below.

Your question will be relayed to Henry by satellite phone, and he will answer it in his daily audio diary.

Don’t forget to leave your name and the name of your school, and listen out for a shout out!

118 Responses to Young Explorers

  1. Dylan Allen says:

    Dear Henry, I hope you feel better and can continue your mission next year. Love Dylan. X

  2. Emily crisp says:

    Dear Henry
    thank you for answering my questions and well done love emily (Hassocks infants school)

  3. Nikos Halvatzis says:

    Dear Henry,

    I hope you have had a better day so far and spring will give you better fortune. I am sorry that you didn’t get time to play like us. I will be thinking about you during the day and am really proud of what you have done so far and what you will achieve, I hope you reach your target!

    This is my question:

    Have you seen any Emperor Penguins or Leopard Seals yet?

    I don’t mind if you aren’t able to contact me.


    Nikos (age 6-Hassocks Infant School, Oak Class)

  4. Emma robinson says:

    dear Henry

    I am in Oak Class too!

    we saw on the news that the ice is melting in the arctic because the earth getting warmer. Is the same thing happening in Antarctica?
    good luck for the rest of your expedition.

    Love emma

  5. Susan Elliott says:

    Henry, I’m not a “young” explorer, but I have listened to your commentary every day since the beginning and I really respect and admire what you are doing. Today’s commentary was difficult for me to hear clearly. It sounded like you are not going to meet your scheduled pickup date, but I was wondering whether you are still planning to reach the goal of being the first person to cross the Antarctic solo unassisted. How does not meeting your pickup date impact your journey? Take care, Henry, my thoughts are with you. Susan from Canada.

  6. Robert says:

    will you glad to come home ? i Have you enjoyed your expedition diary. we are doing a sponsored walk for your charity.

  7. Alder Class says:

    Alder Class, Hassocks Infant School, West Sussex, England.

    Dear Henry,

    We hope that you are happy on your journey across Antarctica.

    We were so excited about your reply to Oak class we thought we would ask some more questions.

    How do you cook your dinner and where does your food come from?
    Have you seen any other people?
    Do you have any technology or special equipment?
    Does it get dark after a few hours?
    Are you good at playing football? What was it like playing with David Beckham?
    How did you get to Antarctica?

    We look forward to hearing for you.
    Love from Alder Class

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