The Patron

It’s a great honour to have Prince William as Patron of the Shackleton Solo expedition, and to receive from him this very special Union flag, which is an exact replica of the one presented to Ernest Shackleton by King George V for the Endurance expedition 100 years ago – a flag which now hangs in The Royal Collection.

These flags will accompany Henry on his epic journey across Antarctica, continuing the tradition established by the great polar explorers of yesteryear.

Henry Worsley welcomes the support of HRH Duke of Cambridge, Patron of Shackleton Solo 2015-2016.

In this extract from the Patron’s announcement, HRH Duke of Cambridge recognises the spirit of adventure that motivated Shackleton 100 years ago, just as it motivates Henry today:

“I am proud to be Patron of Henry Worsley’s Shackleton Solo 2015/16 expedition. This ambitious and bold adventure will remind us of the immense and inspirational challenges faced by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team in the name of exploration. The world benefitted from his heroism and pioneering spirit and it is right that we remember his enduring story and achievements today.

Shackleton Solo 2015/16 is a remarkable adventure, which will be an immense test of character, strength and resilience. I urge you to join me in supporting Henry Worsley in the achievement of his goal.”

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