Henry’s Equipment

  • Iridium 9575 Satellite Telephone

    Satellite telecommunication from the ice is mandatory. Two Iridium 9575s will be carried. Used with the Iridium Access Point to upload photos.

  • Iridium Shout Nano

    Travelling solo I am required to carry a Personal Locating Beacon (PLB). This device will report my position every 1 hour and can be used to send emergency text messages if required.

  • Alfa Extreme North Pole GTX Boots

    Another Norwegian essential.

  • Fuzion Food

    An army marches on its stomach and so will I. An 8 day menu of different dishes – repeat 10 times.

  • Black Diamond Spade

    On the heavy side but needs to be tough enough to dig into the hard wind-packed snow of the polar plateau.

  • Paramo Salopettes

    A new pair this year. Simply the best.

  • Ski Trab World Cup Skis

    Normally used for ski mountaineering races but ideal for sastrugi fields and steep ascents. Worn with Rottefella bindings and a skin fitted underneath for grip on the snow especially on the ascent.

  • Tent Booties

    My version of carpet slippers. Down filled and such a pleasure to slip on at the end of a hard day once in the tent.

  • HAT


  • Sledging Flag

    The Worsley family crest ready to fly in the polar wind for the third time. There is a long tradition of carrying family flags on polar journeys.

  • Bridgedale Summit Socks

    Warm on the feet during the day – often in your face hanging up to dry in the tent at night.

  • Icebreaker Merino Leggings

    Warm base layer.

  • Outdoor Research Gorilla Mask

    Chin nose cheek and face protection when the temperatures drop.

  • Waxed Wool WW1 Trench Balaclava

    A favourite item.

  • Bryne String Vest

    Norwegians swear by them. Foolish not to listen to them.

  • Kestrel Weather Station

    Weather dictates the speed of travel throughout. This device provides frequent and accurate weather predictions for the journey.

  • Garmin Geko GPS

    All who wander are not lost. This GPS will ensure that.

  • Pogies

    Gold dust. Works as good against the Antarctic wind protecting the hands as it does on a motorbike.

  • Black Diamond Mitten

    Last line of defence when the temperatures drops to around -40°C.





  • MSR XGK Stove

    Sounds like a jet engine but it’s comforting to hear it firing on full throttle.

  • 5l Kettle

    A trusted friend. 300 litres of melted snow will pass through its spout on the journey.

  • HET Power 50 12V Battery and 20W Solar Panel

    I will carry two batteries – it is added weight but if I cannot charge my satellite telephone then its game over.

  • Magnetic Compass and Cradle

    Worn on the chest with strap around the neck to keeps the hands free.

  • Grivel G10 Crampons

    Used on the ascent of the Wujek Ridge and then for the descent of the Shackleton Glacier.

  • Hilleberg Namatj 2 Tent

    Home for 80 days.

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