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  1. ted says:

    RIP. You were a real stud, and a generous and true gentleman. You accomplished your goal raising 100k for the Fund.

    May your family be at peace,

    A Calif Admirer

  2. Mark Langridge says:

    We are the Pilgrims Master,
    We shall go always a little further,
    It may be beyond that last Blue Mountain Barr’d with Snow,
    Across that Angry or Glimmering Sea.

    Henry You ARE Endeavour

    Mark, Vic, Kev, Lou, Lenny.

  3. Natalie, Surrey says:

    We are so very sorry to hear that wonderful Henry has passed away. You were an inspiration to thousands. Your efforts and achievements will never be forgotten. Much love to your family and loved ones at this desperately sad time. God Bless Henry, sleep well xx

  4. Michael Machiavello says:

    Hello Henry i do hope you are O.K. and feeling a bit better? you have achieved so much, it is a great inspiration to all of us,
    i have been monitoring your progress with much amazement, it was easy for us to cheer you on, in the comfort of our homes and workplaces and realy not knowing what you were going through, your health is more important but well done! and all on your own!
    I hope to meet you again at a royal geographic meeting/lecture in london,
    From an antartica nut !

  5. DJ Debi says:

    Today is my 59th Birthday and my wish for you is a speedy recovery. You were intrepid throughout.

  6. James Perowne says:

    Dear Joanna
    All in the James Caird Society send their most sincere condolences on the loss of Henry. He was such a courageous man who risked all in the name of exploration and charity. Please accept our thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. His memory will live on forever. He was so brave and an example for all.
    With my most sincere sympathy
    James Perowne

  7. Ken Brawn says:

    Get well soon.

  8. Brian says:

    Followed your trip every step of the way. Incredible achievement. Truly inspiring. Get well soon.

  9. Charles LG says:

    Dear Henry,

    Many congratulations on your incredible effort! It is many years since Selwyn, but I recognised your eyebrows (think about it!) in your selfie. Hopefully we can meet up when life is quieter for you.

    Kindest regards, Charles

  10. Jason + Charlie Gard says:

    Henry. You are a hero. What a brave and correct decision. We wish you all speed to recover and get better. You have crossed the Antarctic – we all salute you. Love Jason + Charlie.

  11. Oly says:


    You were my company commander in 1 RGJ, you was really hard on us but so fair.. I wish you so much luck. I’m now a WO1 and I believe it’s part to your influence. Keep going, push to the end and swift and bold.

  12. Jane Hamilton says:

    Dear Henry, what a fantastic inspiration you have been on this courageous trip you have undertaken. We, who have followed you, know what a blow you will feel at not finishing to the end, but elements have sort to confound you, and it in no way diminishes your extraordinary achievement. Remember, as with Shackleton, it is not just the finishing of a journey that can inspire……

    Us ordinary mortals know your achievement was GREAT!!

    Love, Janey xx

  13. Emily Day says:

    Henry, you are an incredible person. I know how disappointing it must be to have come so close to your ultimate physical goal only to have circumstances intervene, but you hit it a bomb, regardless. The amazing contribution your trip has garnered for veterans is tremendous. You should be VERY proud of reaching that goal. Very few humans on Earth would have been able to go as far as you did, alone and under your own steam. Excellent work.

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